3 Tips for Buying a Good Personal Desktop Assistant (PDA)

Personal desktop assistants (PDAs) are small handheld devices.These devices are made to give easy access to email, contacts, calendars, and other everyday tasks. You will find many types of PDAs in the market. These PDAs vary in terms of features and prices. If you want to buy a PDA to do all your important tasks comfortably, then here are some tips for you.

Decide whether to buy a PDA along with phone function or just a PDA

There are many PDAs that come with phone features and sold like smartphones. These PDAs cost higher than the ones without the phone features. You also need to pay monthly subscription fee. It depends on your need. For example, if you are someone who needs to check email continuously or cannot find Wi-Fi spot around then you should buy a PDA with phone features.

The operating system

You should consider the operating system of the device. It depends on the types of applications you are going to use. The operating system also has a great impact on the email and Internet features work. Palm OS, iPhone OS, Android, Blackberry OS and Windows Mobile are the most popular operating systems.

Consider extra features

You should consider the extra features that your PDA offers. Some of the popular features include PC sync functions, Bluetooth capability, media playback, etc.

These three factors are very important to consider when buying a PDA for yourself. You should do your research and buy the best PDA that will serve your purpose.