5 Reasons you Need a PDA to do your Everyday Tasks

If you have to do lots of planning then a PDA will be of great help. It will help you to stay organized. You can do various things with your PDA.

1. Datebook

You can store the dates of meetings and appointments, write notes and location information, etc. You can set reminders for your meetings so that you can arrive on time on the specified dates.

2. Memo pad

You can write notes, keep a shopping list, etc. You can write a to-do list as well that can help you to keep track of the things you need to do.

3. Address book

You can store the information about all your contacts here. You can store the name, contact number, address, etc. of important people that you need to correspond with regularly.

4. Email

You can write an email and send it with a wireless Internet connection. If your PDA is synchronized with a computer then you can store the email for sending it later.

5. Calculator

You can use your PDA as a calculator also. You can do regular calculations in the office or at home using your PDA. It has a keyboard, but you can also use the select the numbers on the screen.

PDA is a very handy tool. The tasks that you normally did in papers, you can now do it in PDA. This single device can store a lot of information. So, if you are someone busy and need to do several tasks at a time then a PDA can be really helpful.